Crown Group Testimonials


Brian Zammit

Waterfall by Crown Group

“As a builder, I went to look at other Crown Group projects and spoke to other owners. Crown Group has a long-standing reputation for quality that made me feel very safe buying off-the-plan. The apartments [Brian purchased at Waterfall by Crown Group] both have one-bedroom and a study. We will put one up for rent and the other will be very convenient as a weekender and city base. Eventually, the idea behind having two of them next to each other is we will make them one apartment. The overall concept of the development – with the bamboo garden and secure precinct – is what attracted us. And once you’re in, once you’ve bought with Crown Group, it’s like being part of a big family. We get invited to platinum events where we have met with other future residents who have already become friends.”

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Simon Basheer, UDIA NSW President

Top Ryde City Living is a unique seven-building residential development conveniently located above a shopping centre. It offers panoramic views of Sydney including the Harbour Bridge, CBD, and Blue Mountains. Developing high-density housing above well-located major regional shopping centres is often promoted as an ideal model for urban consolidation.

However, no such examples have existed in Sydney until now. The developers of Top Ryde City Living took this prime urban consolidation opportunity with the redevelopment of Sydney’s first US-style shopping mall. Top Ryde offers a rare model of a typology often spoken about, but rarely produced.